Hey my loves,

2020 is almost halfway over. It’s been tough and heart breaking.

It’s also been incredibly inspiring. Because we are awake…

MY INTENTION is to do a lot more listening and tuning into what’s been really going on in the world that I was choosing not to see. Up until now.

And owning what part of this problem I’ve been creating. My silence. My acting like I’m separate from racism. My own color-blindness.

Starting now, I want to hold space for conversation for black and brown women instead of only white women.

I also want to invite more black and brown women into Best Life Tribe. I want them in our daily conversations. WHO can you invite to join that we can support, lift and empower?

FOR ME, as a driven leader, I just want to fix it. Can you relate? I just want to get out there and give it a good FIXING! And then I realize I can’t just immediately fix it. By myself.

But what I CAN do is listen and pass my microphone to the black and brown women in my community. (Stay tuned for some crucial conversations in Tribe interviews!)

I can be innovative. And I can educate and really CONNECT us to this issue. I can use my platform Best Life Tribe!

If you want to join me in educating yourself, here’s some good books that I’m downloading:

Just Mercy: A Story of Justice and Redemption

I’m Still Here: Black Dignity in a World Made for Whiteness

I’m so glad to report they are all sold out on Amazon so download to your Kindle and get reading!

A couple of my realizations…

  • At my workshops and masterminds I get to have black women in the seats and on the stage with me.
  • To NOT SAY (or think) that all black people look alike (I’m guilty of this one!)
  • I get to remove from my website language like, “we are a group of like-minded individuals.” Geesch—who wants like-minded anymore?? NOT me! Different perspectives are so good and needed.
  • I get to keep learning and educating myself by following incredible black women online.
  • I get to intentionally support black owned businesses in my local community. I’m excited to try some of these from a list I found on Instagram by @_lindatong_.

I want to enroll YOU into starting conversations from love with black people in your neighborhoods, in your workplace, in the grocery stores, at the park, on bike rides, etc.

GO HAVE COURAGEOUS CONVERSATIONS, Tribe. Let’s keep leaning into this Black Lives Matter conversation for the rest of time…not just this week. This is the long game, for our lifetimes.

I’m fired up to build this new world together.




P.S. Will you please, invite 5 of your black or brown friends who can add to our conversation in Best Life Tribe. Let’s diversify this conversation and lift each other UP?