You never outperform your own self beliefs. I believe that books are the best nutrition for our brains. My favorite way to begin any day is with a cup of creamy coffee, curled up with my dog, reading a motivating book. It puts me in the right mindset to tackle the given day’s tasks. Even if you don’t consider yourself to be a reader, I challenge you to grab one anyway or listen to inspiring speakers via podcasts and videos. There’s so much good content in the world ready for you to take a hold of! Ten pages or 10 minutes a day is how I gauge my success.

These are some of my very favorite books that have motivated and challenged me. I hope you’ll take some time to read and grow too!




Plan for the life you want now, today. None of this “I’ll start tomorrow. I’ll wait till I have ______ to do _____.” Successful people have the longest view of their lives and think with the end in mind and they certainly don’t wait until Monday to get started. When you create time for your own personal development, all areas of your life improve insurmountably. My best tool for this is my Passion Planner. I am able to plan, reflect, and write goals all on the same pages which frees my schedule to truly get the most out of life and spend more time with those I love. My friend, you are the leader of your journey, plan the life you want.