My desire is to “be fully me now.” Do you know the real you?

I’m on the journey to understand myself and to access the full expression of ME.

So this bulletin board popped out at me on social media…Best Life Tribe member, longtime friend, and teacher, Kris G. posted a picture of her classroom bulletin board. What word sticks out to you?


Who do you need to be right now to have the life/marriage/business that you want?

BE authentic. Be authentically you.

I don’t want to fake it till I make it. Being authentic to myself right now means not just doing the default Beth. I don’t want to just adapt to my circumstances, instead it means DESIGN or CREATE the life that I want!

For me, that’s:

  • Be intentional about my calendar. (No meetings before 10am or after 3pm.)
  • Be healthy! I’m going to continue to exercise every day. So excited it’s biking weather.
  • Be in nature. Vitamin D is valuable!
  • Be present with my people every night for conversation at dinner.
  • Be rested. Wake up without an alarm.
  • Be real.
  • Be grateful.
  • Be forgiving.
  • BE LOVE!

What does it look like for you to BE? What’s on your “BE” list? 

Reply back to tell me what you are focusing on to live your joy – because the world wants access to all the beautiful parts of YOU.

I want more of YOU.




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