One of the biggest things I realized about myself in 2019 is how tightly wound I was!

Oh my goodness. I’m going through life making everything HARD. Proving myself. Starting and building businesses. Frenetically raising kids. Pushing. Striving! Using brute force. Work, work, work is what I valued. How can I be more productive and efficient. I have always been known as the girl who “gets shit done!”

My new realization: I will die with an inbox that’s FULL. Never will ‘everything’ be done! And all this intensity is not serving me.

I knew it was a problem when I was hurrying when I was NOT. EVEN. IN. A. HURRY. Like the only speed I had was FULL THROTTLE! I also knew it was a MAJOR PROBLEM when I saw it in my kids. Not a character trait I want to be passing on to them…

Here is where I could insert oodles of sad stories of overwhelm, burning the candle at both ends, not listening to our bodies and overcommitting. There are literally millions of stories that aren’t just mine, but my mom, my grandma, and now also my children. (The apple does not fall far from the tree.)

But….that is NOT how this story is going to end. 

I am not a victim to my childhood, nor am I ok with role modeling this level of crazy for my own kids. Because there is a way more beautiful, peaceful, lovely, kind way to live.

I did a LOT of personal growth work this year and found out that all the good stuff in life lies in being playful and lightening up!! It reduces stress and increases connections with my family and friends! Duh—who wants to be around a tightly wound person who has to have it HER WAY! And can’t relax.  

One of my 2020 priorities is: HAVE more fun. Lighten up!

That’s why I’ve set boundaries on my work hours, created opportunities to unplug from my devices, said yes to yoga and meditation, just to name a couple.

Are you taking life too seriously? Can you relate to this? What steps do you need to take to loosen up a bit?




P.S. Tell me a few ways that you have fun and stay light?

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