Happy 4th of July week!

How are you celebrating the day? Are you soaking in the sunshine or relaxing with your kiddos? Maybe you’re reading a good book or social distancing with friends and neighbors.

No matter how you are celebrating the day, my request is that we are able to truly BE PRESENT wherever you are. I’ll be the first to say, this is a real CHALLENGE for me. Allow your feet to settle into the ground. Take three deep breaths. Take in the possibilities, sights, sounds, joy, and laughter of those around you today. Whether it’s work, family, neighbors, or with those you’re riding out crazy COVID with… Wherever you are, be all in. Simply BE PRESENT.

I am going ALL IN this week with my whole crew at the lake, Grace + her roommate home from Arizona. I am focused on being present with each of them & digitally disconnecting for most of the daytime hours.

Let me know how you are focusing on BEING PRESENT in everything you do and everywhere you go. I’d love to hear your creative ideas.

Happy day!