Hey you! When I think about the life many of us lead it is filled with many wonderful, comfortable things. We go on vacations, girls trips, participate in adventure races, visit our friends’ lake houses, love seeing our kids participate in sports and go to college football games! We lead COMFORTABLE LIVES!

Or maybe you have a job that you like, not one that you looooove. But you have a job so it’s so much easier to just stay “busy” with that job and never look for a job that you know you were made for! Because you’re — there it is again—COMFORTABLE because you have a job at all.

Maybe it’s your marriage. We get pretty relaxed in some of our relationships. We don’t date (or court) our spouse because we are COMFORTABLE in our mediocre, not horrible, pretty decent marriage.

Or maybe you’re like me, totally comfortable in my health journey. I walk every day. I bike with my friends. I’ve lost weight this year. I intermittent fast. I’m on a good track for health. I. AM. (COMPLETELY). COMFORTABLE.

What if we got UNCOMFORTABLE? What if we got comfortable, being UNcomfortable?

When I was at a conference recently with my business coach, they were talking about this COMFORT problem. Immediately upon opening my eyes to my own comfort problem, I sent a quick text to my marathon running husband and said, “Hey—I want to run a half-marathon. I’m WAY too comfortable walking my one-mile a day thing. Will you help?” My super-safe, let’s not get carried away, how can we all be successful-here, husband wrote back, “SURE! That’s great hun! How about we start with a 5K?!” Ha.Ha. That is so HIM. To ground me. To remind me that I haven’t ran a race in forever and how about if we set ourselves up for some massive success here!!?!—mind blown, ha! Gosh, I love him for saving me from myself!)

This past weekend I got to stretch OUT OF MY COMFORT ZONE and run my first race in many years. I enrolled two of my friends to join me (one of them got her kids to join, too)! We did a one minute jog/one minute walk and it was absolutely awesome! We laughed. We joked. We stretched for the whole 3.1 miles.

When we finished and still today I’m feeling, “If I can do THIS, I can do anything!” When we conquer something in our physical body, it seeps over into my relationships, my business, my self-esteem, all the things! I am braver, more courageous everywhere in my life!

Where are you too comfortable? What can you do to get out of YOUR comfort zone? How can you stretch? Let’s brainstorm together.

And …to be completely transparent, on the morning of the race I woke up with a cold, a nagging cough, had some unsettling news delivered the day before from a family member and I could’ve very easily justified CANCELING on myself. But …(thankfully) I had friends relying on me. I had committed to doing this publicly and I was absolutely keeping my word! Do you honor commitments to yourself? Let’s be the kind of people that keep promises we make to ourselves (not just to others.)
Love you friends, let’s get out of comfort! You’re either stretching or shrinking in life. Which are you? I am stretching!




P.S. I truly believe we are better TOGETHER! Let’s schedule a time to chat about where YOU are too comfortable. My week’s fill up quickly, snag a time today here.