My enthusiastic personality makes me a better starter of projects than a finisher! I get all jacked up and excited. Starting is easy for me. Completing (anything), on the other hand, has been hard in the past for me. How about you?

I am happy to report that 30 women and I just completed the first book in 2019 for Ignite Your Life Nation. It was a fabulous book with many take-home’s about habits, our choices, and all the influences and distractions of life. Truly a book that I want to read every year or so.

One reason I am excited to share this fact with you, is that sometimes I don’t finish books that I start. 😲  Gasp! There’s so many good ones out in the world and I may have a slight addiction to purchasing books on Amazon…but we finished this one! Do you finish what you start?

One of the things that has really helped me in the last few years to grow a successful life and business is getting in completion energy! Meaning I finish what I start. It’s amazing what you get accomplished.

Ever have those days where you start a zillion things and finish absolutely nothing? I used to all the time, too. Now I stay committed to finishing at least one thing every day! Even if I have a lot of things on my to do list, I make sure that I am committed to finishing one to three things every day.

So, I am doing the happy dance that I completed this book and helped so many women in Ignite Your Life Nation complete it too! How are you at completing things? What do you need to do in order be a finisher?

Email me at and rate yourself on being a starter or finisher and why. I’d love to hear from you!