Hello there!

Wow. This can be a super wild time. Loads of unknown, new routines for all of us, kids/spouses at home, or a quieter house than you’re used to.

I see you. I feel you. I’m with you.

I’m striving to very intentionally find JOY in the midst of all of this and my guess is you could probably use some too so I thought I’d share my list with you and you share your list with ME. We GET to be JOY seekers each day.

5 Things Bringing Me JOY!!!😄😄😄

1. Singing & celebrating a friend’s 50th Birthday via Zoom- we get to still be SOCIAL (it’s not social distancing, it’s physical distancing.)

2.  Regular Tuesday Coffee with the “Coffee Moms”- This group has had coffee every Tuesday morning for 19 years. A virus ain’t gonna stop US! I love this routine to connect.

We get to learn new ways to communicate and interact with family and friends! Zoom, Marco Polo, Facebook Video Messenger chats, Google Duo, FaceTime, etc.. (I’ve been using Zoom for years with my business, let me know if you need help!)

3. EXERCISE EVERY DAY – No excuse to not exercise every single day. I ran up to my 17 year old’s room yesterday at 1pm and said “you have 5 minutes to get clothes and shoes on for a family walk!” He was thrilled… 😂

4. Jonathan is heading up making meals since he’s working from home now too and holy smokes, what a treat! I love when he cooks.

5. Time with my pet. More time at home means extra dog walks! Mr. Cooper is the happiest guy about the virus! Extra pets, walks, and people at home to love him.

What are 5 things bringing you JOY?? Email me at beth@bethmontpas.com and share what is making you smile.😀😀

Sending lots of joy and love your way.